Functional Physical Therapy is a world-class facility offering Physical Therapy to anyone looking to get back to their best health. Focusing on Total Wellness, our experts can help relieve pain, prevent injury, and improve your quality of life.


How We Can Help


Pool Therapy
Waterford School District Fitness Centers

Pool Therapy is a fun and effective way to gently treat those who suffer from arthritis. Using natural resistance created by the water we help our patients strengthen and condition their bodies back to total health.

How we can help
Providing the best for all our patients.

At Functional Physical Therapy our mission boils down to total health. Providing a comprehensive recovery program to those looking to get back on their feet after any injury.

Strengthening and Conditioning
Building a strong mind and body.

Through the years we have helped people from all walks of life back to health. Whether your profession takes you to the office or the job site, you can count on us to help you stay ready to perform at your best.



Our individualized approach to complete physical therapy and rehabilitation is what makes us standout. Being a staple of the Waterford community for over a decade, we‘re involved in the total care of everyone that comes through our door.


Building Strength

The staff at Functional Physical Therapy sees strength in a different way. Our mission doesn’t stop at the physical body, we help strengthen the mind and spirit. We understand recovery from any injury can take a toll on your mind, we make sure you come out of treatment feeling your best.


Helping Student Athletes

Being partnered with the Waterford School District for over 20 years, we help bring your favorite athletes back to their best health. No matter the sport, or severity of the injury we have personally trained and worked with the Waterford Athletic Departments to build a strong network of qualified health professionals .



We all believe that wellness is a combined effort between the patient and the physical therapist. But, we think there is far more to that statement. Over the years we’ve been able to reach out into the health, medical, and wellness industries to connect with some of the most experienced professionals available. In doing so we’ve developed a bulletproof plan of care covering all aspects of treatment and recovery.


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